COVID-19 Response Products
COVID-19 is a testing time for everyone, we can assist with the urgent supply of various PPE products.
Our global supply chain allows us to provide hard to find products in large quantities. We arrange shipment from all around globe direct to our clients facilities. Products we supply include the following:
Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser

Paramount Range Hand Sanitiser

Antibac contains glycerol and glyceryl cocoate which maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance and thus the product does not dry hands. Our full range includes 8 ML Grayford Hand Sanitiser, 50 ML Grayford Hand Sanitiser, 100 ML Grayford Hand Sanitiser, 250 ML Grayford Hand Sanitiser, 500 ML Grayford Hand Sanitiser, 1000 ML Grayford Hand Sanitiser, 5000 ML Grayford Hand Sanitiser, 2500 ML Grayford Hand Sanitiser & Grayford Hand Sanitiser Wall dispenser options.

Antibacterial Soap

Grayford Industrial offers a variety of antibacterial liquid hand soaps that can be used throughout the day to keep your hands clean and free from bacteria during this testing.
Face Protection

Face Protection

FFP2 Masks

The FFP2 mask is a half-face mask, which means that it protects the , and . The mask must meet certain standards and effectiveness tests. is assessed by the rate (filter penetration, also referred to as efficiency), as well as the degree of around the edges. The mask should be correctly adjusted to the .
This type of mask, unlike the , protects the wearer from inhaling or in the form of , , or small solid particles.

Surgical Masks

All surgical masks we supply are certified by EU body to EN ISO 13485 and EN14683 standard.

Face Shields

Face shields are supplied from global manufacturers and offer full face protection when the environment calls for full face coverage.
Body Protection

Body Protection

Protective Coveralls

Grayford Offer coveralls for protecting people while they work in dirty or hazardous environments has always been our focus. Whether you are working with liquid or solid chemicals, asbestos, paint, oil, grease, viruses and blood borne pathogens, or one of the countless other workplace contaminants in evidence today. Grayford Industrial are a approved distributor of Ansell who offer the Microgard range of products in their portfolio which can be found at

Protection Gowns

We offer a wide range of protective gowns to suit various environments, these include disposable and reusable.


Grayford Industrial are approved distributors of Ringers LLC impact gloves and Ansell, both world renound manufactures of high quality hand protection products. The range of products from Ansell can be found at

Please contact Grayford Industrial for more information about our products and services by calling us on
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